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 Who am I?

I live in Revere , Massachusetts , site of Revere Beach , America's first public beach.
I work for the United States Postal Service.Mailbox I am an Operations Support Specialist in In-Plant Support
Since I am now management, I am expected to be held to a higher moral standard....
so all adult links have been removed.


I am a former member of the American Postal Workers Union . APWU logo
I am the former webmistress of the Boston Metro Area Local APWU (no link  from here, still have a bitter
taste in my mouth over that one)

I used to work at the Northwest Boston Processing and Distribution Center  in Waltham ,Massachusetts .
(I've returned to 'the big house', the General Mail Facility in Boston )
I still have a strong bond with the boys from NWB, who for many months authored  NWB's own unofficial,
unauthorized, (and unholy) web page, called Point of Order .
Their unique insight is no more.  Click the logo below to view  Point of Order's final farewell.
Point of Order logo


I am married, but not dead yet, so feel free to email me at

I love little bits of odd news and I always love a good joke, so I have decided add a page, which I will attempt 
to update frequently, with little bits of odd news and a couple of good jokes. 
I've named this page Bits and Pieces.
*(updated, finally, on  04-28-08)

I've been asked too many times "Do you have a pic?"  Well, now I do.  For those of you who want  to know
what I look like, here's my 'pic'. (last updated 01-01-00)
For those of you who KNOW what I look like, you don't have to look.



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